News: (Sept 20 2008) FFXI CoP section complete, Ouryu Cometh video added, BV2 Mana Burn video replaced.

News: (Sept 12 2008) FFXI screen shots of drop items from BV2 - The Wyrmking Descends added. Wallpaper added in gallery section.

News: (July 13 2008) FFVII videos replaced. CoP 2-5, 4-2 and BC's texts and videos added in FFXI section.

News: (May 01 2008) CoP Ancient Vows Part 1 text and video added to FFXI section.

News: (April 20 2008) Long overdue update done on the site. New sections added for Final Fantasy I through VI, XI, XII, VIIAC/CC. New images added in the gallery section. New models added to merchandise section. Dead links have been removed.

Disclaimer: Bahamut is the property of Square Enix. This site is not used to make profit of any kind. Some images have been taken from various sources on the web, and have been cited where necessary, although some are from long dead websites and no reference is currently available. Images created by the site owner are free for use with attribution. Do not direct link.


Welcome to Draco Tyranus Version 5.0, a compilation of information and images focused primarily on Bahamut. Originally a mythical beast of Arabic origin, Bahamut as well as other various creatures were adapted for Square Enix's popular line of games: Final Fantasy.

First set up in 2001, this is now the largest online source including sections concerning history, game strategies, movies, screenshots and more.
  • History: Covers the origins of Bahamut and Tiamat in world mythology.
  • Final Fantasy: Covers Final Fantasies I through VI and Tactics
  • VII: Covers Final Fantasy VII
  • VIIAC: Covers the Final Fantasy Advent Children motion picture
  • VIICC: Covers Final Fantasy Crisis Core (not complete)
  • VIII: Covers Final Fantasy VIII
  • IX: Covers Final Fantasy IX
  • X: Covers Final Fantasy X
  • X2: Covers the Final Fantasy X2 battle
  • XI: Covers Final Fantasy XI
  • XII: Covers Final Fantasy XII, including Revenant Wings
  • Misc: Covers various other Bahamut cameos
  • Gallery: An extensive image archive from all games including wallpapers
  • Merchandise: Bahamut related merchandise
  • Links: Links to various resources

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