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  • Draco-Tyranus: A shrine to the Final Fantasy summon of Bahamut.
    Opened: sometime in 2001.
  • TWIFTI: Alina's personal site that contains a blog, fanfiction, art, icons, and more.
    Opened July 2000.

Inactive & Closed:

  • The Burning Dumspter: Devoted to showing you the crappiest PBEM profiles and Matrix Fanfics the Internet has to offer.
    Opened Feb. 24, 2003.
  • Enter the Matrix: An incomplete transcript of the video game Enter the Matrix.
    Opened: June 30, 2003.
  • The Gargoyles Fanlisting: A Gargoyles fanlisting.
    Opened: October 21, 2003
    Closed: May 5, 2008. Visit the new listing here.


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